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AutoScreenRecorder Pro 5 Pineapple FULL download free torrent

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AutoScreenRecorder Pro 5

AutoScreenRecorder Pro 5 Pineapple FULL download free torrent

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AutoScreenRecorder 5 can record everything on the screen in its original quality without losing anything. Saves an unlimited number of AVI files. AnyDesk download free torrent Includes lossless codecs with lossless compression. Thanks to the new custom user interface, AutoScreenRecorder 5 easily provides high-quality recording.

What is the difference between AutoScreenRecorder?

Unlimited AVI file size

Video files are saved in AVI2 format with no size limit.

Highest video quality

Wisdom-Soft Lossless Codec is included for recording without losing image quality!

Save changes only

It can only record changes to the screen which will make the AVI file much smaller.

Webcam, anywhere

Access your webcam anytime, anywhere, so you can customize your footage the way you want.

Unique user interface

New easy-to-use user interface in conjunction with ScreenHunter 7.

Write everything

AutoScreenRecorder records large cursors, minimized or hidden windows, performs scheduled tasks, and more.

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