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We offer a variety of services in finance, As a customer you can therefore get exactly the help you request, you can choose the whole package or only individual services.


Managing the day-to-day accounting can be time-consuming, cumbersome and expensive - especially if you do not have full control over how the work is to be handled. As a customer of Dakare accounting firm, you can let go of everything that has to do with finances and know that you are in safe hands.

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Tax Return

Reporting to the Swedish Tax Agency how much the company must pay in tax is something everyone must do continuously. Many people find that tax reporting is complicated and time consuming - and it is easy to miss a date because VAT returns, withholding tax and social security contributions often have to be submitted with different frequencies. And so it was with preliminary tax and the prevailing balance on the tax account, but don't worry, we'll fix everything!

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Financial statements

When it's time for the annual year-end work, we first like to sit down with our customers and go through this year's events. We care about having a personal relationship with you as a customer and a reconciliation at the end of the year gives us the same picture of how the year-end work should be done for the past financial year.

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Company formation

We have helped many get started with their own company. Let us help you. We can help you choose the right type of company form for your business

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We have several years of experience in finance, let us help you make the right decision with our advice.

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We automate your entire billing flow and
helps you both charge and get paid.

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Worlds of innovation

Update yourself and your company to find the latest information in finance 

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We strive to meet all your business needs and plans. You can rely on easy availability for our qualified staff.

Feel free to take a look at the services we provide and contact us for a detailed review of your case and a quote. Stay up to date and get professional advice on specific legal requirements.

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